Module D - Slide 43


So here's the final score for that crosswalk, the intersection score of 7 + the crosswalk score of 25 = 32 points for this crossing. The other crosswalks at this intersection would usually also be scored. In practice this process would be done for each one of group of intersections and crosswalks. The highest scores would indicate the crosswalks that are highest priority for APS installation. There is not requirement to install APS at a certain level or score and this worksheet is not intended to be used for that purpose. We assumed that APS were needed (eventually) at any location where pedestrian signals are installed. There may be some other issues to discuss and decide in your community, for example, if one crosswalk is rated a priority, but the rest of the intersection is not, should APS be installed for all crosswalks at that intersection? It might depend on whether it's part of a transition plan or a response to a request, but that is a policy decision that each community may need to make. It's an area where having an advisory committee might be helpful.