Contacting local transportation professionals

Transportation professionals may consist of traffic engineers, public works personnel, signal technicians, and/or transportation planners. In some cases, local consulting engineering firms are contracted to provide operation and maintenance control of signalized intersections. The ownership of the signal, whether it is at the township, county, city or state level, designates which transportation professional would be in charge of the intersection.

Make contact with the transportation professional by contacting your local government office. Work in a collaborative manner and develop a productive working relationship:

Understand municipality structure

Structure varies from one municipality to the next:

To learn about a city department structure, check the city web site or check a phone directory for offices and structure information.

Contact person in traffic engineering department

Call the department that manages traffic signals and ask who to talk to about a specific intersection.

Attend meetings

Consider attending:

If the Disability Advisory Committee has a Physical Access Subcommittee, an O&M specialist may want to become a permanent member in order to have an opportunity to advocate for and influence future installations of accessible signals.

Public hearings

Consider attending Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) public hearings:

Educate yourself

Keep informed:

Educate your students

Responsibilities to students:

Advocate for APS

Advocate for APS, especially at intersections when:

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