Tones or audible messages during clearance interval


A tone or other message sounds during the pedestrian clearance interval, at a different rate, tone, or with a different speech message, than the WALK indication or pushbutton locator tone. This can include audible pedestrian countdowns.

APS typically revert to the pushbutton locator tone during the flashing and steady DONT WALK interval. That is not considered to be a clearance interval indication/tone.

Additional information

Clearance interval information is sometimes provided by APS in Japan and in some parts of Canada.




MUTCD addresses this in Paragraph 25 of Section 4E.11, stating:  Following the audible walk indication, accessible pedestrian signals shall revert to the pushbutton locator tone (see Section 4E.12) during the pedestrian change interval.”

How used by pedestrians who are blind or who have low vision

This feature is not currently used in the US and is not recommended due to the potential confusion of the WALK interval with the clearance interval.

As noted in the disadvantages listed above, pedestrian countdown information is unlikely to provide any advantage to the individual who is blind or visually impaired.

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