Needs Assessment


After an engineering study determines that APS should be installed at an existing signal, strategies for integrating the APS into the sidewalk environment need to address certain issues and/or questions. Those in charge of installing APS at an intersection must conduct a needs assessment to determine which features are suitable in order to develop detailed installation plans. It is important that the installation designer visit the intersection to understand the particular issues that must be dealt with. Some manufacturers require detailed information about the location and infrastructure of the intersection where the APS will be installed in order to send equipment with appropriate arrows or other features (such as speech WALK or pushbutton information messages, if needed).

Pushbutton and pole locations

A high-priority part of the needs assessment is to determine how much of the existing infrastructure can be used and how much will have to be installed or modified. It is essential to look at each crossing and the anticipated location of the pushbutton in relation to the departure location.

Questions to consider:

Intersection geometry and need for audible beaconing

Audible beaconing is not needed at many intersections, although APS in the United States have traditionally been installed with beaconing.

Questions to consider:

Preference and requests

Questions to consider when installation is in response to a request:

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