Post-installation checklist


Figure 7-12. APS Post-Installation Checklist

Figure 7-12. APS Post-Installation Checklist

After installation is complete, the installer should perform the following steps (detailed in sections below). A printable checklist can be found on page 7-24 (Figure 7-12).

Locator tone volume

Evaluate and adjust locator tone volume

WALK indication volume

Evaluate and adjust the volume of the WALK indication:

Automatic volume adjustment

Evaluate and set the sensitivity level of the automatic volume adjustment:

Confirm proper functioning of the WALK indication

Determine if the vibrating surface, speech messages or other features of the WALK indication work properly:

Check height and location of the pushbutton

Confirm that pushbutton height and location conform to specifications and can be reached by a person in a wheelchair, from a level landing.

Check tactile arrow

Examine the tactile arrow.

Check optional features

Confirm that optional features, if ordered, are present and functioning correctly.

Check audible beaconing

If the intersection requires audible beaconing,

Re-check device functioning at a later time

Follow-up during the first few weeks after installation, checking device and volume at different times of day to assure proper functioning.

Designate a person and phone number to call and report malfunctioning devices. Share that information with agencies serving individuals who are blind and organizations of individuals who are blind in the community.

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