Overview of Prioritization Tool Worksheets

The prioritization tool includes three separate worksheets that should be used for rating each intersection (blank forms included on pages D-21 through D-24). The first worksheet is the Intersection Worksheet and is used for describing characteristics of the intersection as a whole, including space for a sketch of the intersection. The second worksheet is the Crosswalk Worksheet and is used for describing the features associated with each crosswalk at the intersection. A separate crosswalk worksheet should be completed for each crosswalk at the intersection. Each of these forms includes variables that either provide an assessment of level of difficulty that may be present for pedestrians who are blind or provide an indicator of the level of pedestrian activity in the vicinity of the intersection. The variables are further defined in the latter sections of this document. Each form also includes space for additional comments to be provided. Finally, a Supplemental Form is provided for those locations where more drawings or additional notes may be required.