Scoring System

The APS Prioritization Tool provides a score for an individual crosswalk. Higher scores indicate a greater priority for APS installation. Lower scores indicate a lower priority for APS. There is no particular score that indicates whether APS should be installed or not. The scores are intended to provide a relative prioritization scheme among a group of crosswalks.

The system of scoring is based on the premise that it is the individual crosswalk that is critical, as opposed to the intersection as a whole. Therefore, priorities for installation should be established on the basis of individual crosswalks, rather than complete intersections. Jurisdictions may choose to install APS at all crosswalks of an intersection when installing them at one crosswalk. However, the intent is to rank and consider each crosswalk separately. If a scoring system were used that is based on the combined score of all crosswalks at an intersection, a very difficult crosswalk for blind pedestrians combined with three crosswalks that are relatively easy could result in low ranking for the intersection as a whole. Such an intersection-based system could result in critical crosswalks being missed on a priority list.

The total score for a crosswalk is calculated as the sum of the individual crosswalk score and the intersection score. The Intersection Worksheet includes the Intersection Worksheet Score in the bottom right corner. The total crosswalk scores are found in the bottom right corner of each of the Crosswalk Worksheets. Each Crosswalk Worksheet includes the Crosswalk Worksheet Score and the Intersection Worksheet Score (transferred from the Intersection Worksheet), which are added together to get the resulting Total Crosswalk Score. The Total Crosswalk Scores can be listed on the Cover Sheet for quick reference.

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